5 Fall Road Trips for Seeing the Best Fall Foliage

Fall is right around the corner but this doesn't mean the fun has to end. The changing color of the leaves, cooler and crisper weather are just some of many people's favorite things about fall. Take advantage by going on a road trip. Here are 5 road trip destinations that will have you falling in love with the coming autumn weather.

Georgia's Blue Ridge Mountains

"Blue Ridge is located in the North Georgia mountains, where more than 40 percent of the county's land is in the Chattahoochee National Forest. Experience unspoiled mountain beauty, exhilarating hikes, whitewater rafting and a ride on the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway". Click to see more!  Click here to grab yourself a 5 person tent. 

New York's Finger Lakes

"The Finger Lakes are a group of 11 long, narrow, roughly north–south lakes in an area informally called the Finger Lakes region in Central New York, in the United States". Click here to see more! Grab our Adjustable Smart Heated Vest, which is perfect for keeping you warm during the fall weather. 

Connecticut's Covered Bridges

"Covered bridges in Connecticut include two that cross the historic Housatonic River, which traverses western Connecticut and Massachusetts and is known for its excellent fly fishing. You can make a fun day trip by planning a scenic drive to a covered bridge". Click here to see more! Don't' forget to take a strong bag pack for your hiking. 

The California Coast

"The area includes the North Coast, San Francisco Bay Area (including Silicon Valley), Central Coast, and South Coast". Click here to see more! Take a photo with our authentic t-shirts.  

New England's Historic Trails

"From the Sound to the Summits: the New England Trail covers 215 miles from Long Island Sound across long ridges to scenic mountain summits in Connecticut and Massachusetts". Click to see more!

We hope you enjoyed these 5 fall road trips destinations. Make sure you head on over and check out our fall selection for your traveling. Click here to get started! 

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