Family Hiking Tips

Hiking with the kid is a great to get outdoors this summer. It can be frustrating to the parent planner. We challenge your kids to get on their first trail this summer. It helps your kids appreciate nature and allows you to spend quality time with them. Here are four tips to help:

1. Keep it easy & feature-friendly.

We suggest that you choose a trail that is not long or tedious. It is all about the experience for first time kid hikers. Make sure to pick a trail that has great features- be it a lake, stream, waterfall. It will keep your kids occupied and give them a goal to look forward to. Remember that It is all about the journey and not the destination. 

2. Time is your friend – so plan for lots of it.

Kids are natural explorers they will explore just about anything. They want pick up and touch everything. Make sure they have time to enjoy playing in the nature as this is nature for them to want to do. Allowing them to have time to do what they want will give them a more fulfilling experience. 

3.Prepare for anything.

This involves the overall hike you are embarking on. This goes even if you are not bringing your kids. We recommend that you have these ten essentials: wet wipes or tissues; lip balm; binoculars; magnifying glass; field guides; camera; and safety whistles for each child (and teach them what they are for and when to use them). It is important to be ready for anything just so everyone understands how to properly deal with conflicts. 

4. Dress for success.

It is critical that you and your kids are properly dressed for the hiking adventure. Be prepared for any weather conditions. Adequate hiking shoes might be one of the first things that you will all need. There are a lot of different terrains and you want to be ready for it. Make sure to have another pair of clothing. Simple items like hats and scarfs should be a item to bring for unexpected weather conditions. This goes even if it is hot you want to be ready to handle anything that comes your way.

We hope this has helped you prepare for your hiking adventure with your kids. Make sure to check out our store to get your hiking gear for your adventure. 

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