Five Tips for Fall Hiking

Autumn is a great time to get into the mountains. The back trails are full of fall colors, less crowded and the bugs are gone. 

But like any other activity it requires precaution. The vibrant fall colors are here but so are colder nights and shorter days. These simple conditions can make simple day of hiking more risky than your summer hiking adventures. It important to pack correctly for your destination. It is important to check the trail conditions and weather forecasts beforehand your you head out. 

Here are five tips to make your fall hiking adventures a breeze. 

1. Check the latest trail conditions. This is sometimes overlooked and it can cause problems along your trip. Many trials may even have snow or up and coming storms to prepare for. Check for recent trip reports from other hikers to confirm the weather conditions. 

2. Let someone know where you are going. Be sure to let your partner, family and even friends know where you are going. This is important just for precaution. 

3. Always pack the 10 Essentials on any hike. These include: a topographic map and a compass (and the knowledge of how to use them), extra food, extra clothing, a firestarter, matches, sun protection, a pocket knife, first-aid kit, and flashlight.

4. Watch weather forecasts. Looking at recent and future weather patterns is key for a successful hike. If you find large storms or bad weather approaching on the day you are planning to go on a hike it's a good idea to hike on the next day. It is important to have some kind of shelter when you are out in good or bad weather conditions. The website National Weather Service's Mountain Forecast is a great resource for your planning. 

Share the trail with hunters. Autumn is a great time for hunters as they pursue elk, deer, etc. This is important to acknowledge. 

We hope these five fall hiking tips have helped you prepare for your next hiking adventure. If you have further questions please feel free to contact us or reach out on our social media.  

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