Tips for Hiking with Your Dog


Whether you are planning your next day or weekend hike it is important to be prepared when you go hiking with your dog. Dogs need a few supplies to make their hiking adventure enjoyable.

Here is a list of things to consider

  • Fresh water and a collapsible bowl
  • Food and treats
  • Current ID tags and a well-fitting collar
  • A sturdy leash for walking or securing your pet to a specific area
  • A proper car restraint like a kennel or seatbelt
  • A bed or blanket to lie on
  • Doggie bags for waste
  • Pad protective booties for rocky/rough terrain, snow, ice, cacti or nettles
  • First aid kit
  • Towel to clean your dog
  • Snake bite kit (if appropriate for your area)
  • Dog sunscreen/hat
  • Doggie backpack for sharing the load. Use only if your dog is used to doing this.

These items will make your overall adventure feel like smooth sailing and provide enjoyment for your dog. A dog pack is highly beneficial as it allows your dog to carry a large amount of his items. Our dog pack saddle is a great way to allow your dog to have more of their loved belonging when you hike, travel or daily walk. 

It is important that both you and your dog take breaks and allow both of yourselves to rest. Don't feed your dog a large meal before the hike. You want to feed your dog throughout the hike.

Here is what you should be doing on the trail:

  • Keep your dog on a leash while hiking
  • Steer clear of poison ivy, oak and sumac (look for leaves of three)
  • Stay away from critters such as snakes, porcupines, bears, mountain lions and coyotes
  • Allow time for frequent rest and water breaks, preferably in the shade
  • After the hike, check for fleas and ticks

If you use these tips provided you will have an enjoyable hiking adventure with your dog. Click here to buy your Dog Pack Saddle. 

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