Adjustable Smart Heated Vest
Adjustable Smart Heated Vest
Adjustable Smart Heated Vest
Adjustable Smart Heated Vest

Adjustable Smart Heated Vest

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Winter Is Back! Stay Warm Outdoors! 

Winter is no longer an excuse NOT to go outside. 

Whether you love riding, hiking, running, skiing, golfing, or fishing get this Adjustable Smart Heated Vest and make some great memories this winter! 

Who Needs 7 Layers Anyway? 

REDUCE the number of layers of clothing and get more comfortable with this jacket. No need to stack up an inner, with a shirt, sweater and bulky jackets - No one loves to look like a loaded eskimo! 

The high-end material inside gets connected to an external power bank and provides lasting heat without any radiation. 

  • Promotes Metaboslim 
  • Increase blood oxygen levels: Improves micro-circulation and eliminates inflammation
  • Great for riding, skiing, rock climbing, and golf- your outdoor companion this winter 
  • Adjustable temperature: Built-in USB port that can be connected to a power bank 
  • Comfortable and smooth 
  • 1 charge lasts 8-12 hours 
  • Machine Washable & Splash Proof 

      One Touch Heating 

We've made it really simple to operate this vest - Intuitive and easy for daily use with color indicators for temperature levels:  

  • Red Light:(flashing): automatic heating 
  • Red Light: manual heating, high temperature (113ºF) 
  • White Light: medium temperature (95ºF)
  • Blue Light: low temperature (77ºF)

After connecting the vest to a power bank, press the button for 3 seconds to turn it on. Change the temperature level by simply pressing the button again. 

A Vest Like No Other 

This unique design is not only lightweight, but also splash-proof and windproof. And boy does it look good :)! 

SIZE GUIDE: Unisex Design. Buy 1 size larger than your regular fit.