Dog Pack Saddle Bag
Dog Pack Saddle Bag

Dog Pack Saddle Bag

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This Dog Pack Saddle Bag is the perfect gift for a dog owner. It is and a great way to allow your dog to have more of their loved belonging when you hike, travel or daily walk. 

Two Way Used- Ideal for multi-day back-country adventures: The Dog Harness Backpack makes multi-day outdoor adventures possible with features like a load compression system, night reflecting protection.

Waterproof- It contains oxford material and SBS reversed coil zipper: Waterproof durable, scratch-resistant polyester material outer layer, lightweight sandwich mesh soft lining, sponge padding, and SBS Waterproof reversed coil zipper.

Weight Stability- Load stability and weight distribution, removable bags: This Carrier Dog Backpack with load compression system ensure load stability and weight distribution. Please ensure your dog carries no more than 25% of their body weight in their dog pack.

Assistant Handle- Handle in the middle of the back makes it easy to help dogs up and over obstacles.

Reflective- Reflective line can reflect the rim to ensure good visibility, especially at night on the road.

Processing & Shipping from the US: approx 1-2 weeks
Processing & Shipping Internationally: approx 2-4 weeks